Guess That Bike Revealed – Sans Fairing Edition

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Congratulations to Speeddog, who was the first one to identify that this bike is a Ducati MH900e!

Here’s two additional photos of the bike without bodywork, just for fun:

And here’s what it looks like when the clothes are on:

This one is #621 of 200 and it isn’t stock – it was a Moto Corse show bike with their full exhaust, windscreen, mirrors, brake/clutch fluid reservoirs, clutch and belt covers, and rear sets. There’s also a EVR slipper clutch and the blue wheels from Ducati’s Ben Bostrom 998S replica.

It also has zero miles.

The reason that the bodywork was off above was because we made this a runner over at Iconic, and it’s currently for sale if you’re interested!

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