Homebrew Cafe – 2007 Suzuki Ryca 650 CS-1

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Though the seller never actually says it, this looks to be a Ryca 650 CS-1 kit, designed to turn your Suzuki S40 into a cafe racer with $2,800 worth of parts. The base bike produced 31 horsepower and 37 pound feet of torque via it’s 650cc single cylinder engine. Through a 5-speed transmission, the top speed was 85 miles per hour. The Ryca kit actually removes about 60 pounds of weight, so all the dynamic characteristics will improve. The only drawback? The low-profile fuel tank means your range drops to just 80 miles. Ryca got a lot of press a few years back, though I don’t see many in the wild. It seems that they’ve been successful, as they have since expanded into several model lines based on the Savage S40 – now the Cafe Racer is also simply known as the CS-1.

Find this Ryca for sale here on Craigslist in Antioch, Illinois for $5,000.

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