In France – 1967 MV Agusta 4C6 #001

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7-12-17 Update: Obviously, this Black Pig got no action at the opening bid of $1.1 million – the real question was if the seller’s plan to raise awareness worked and if he found a buyer somewhere else. 18 months later, it looks like the answer is no as this bike is back up for sale with a huge discount down to…$1 million. Let’s see if it works this time. You can find it still in St Rémy de Provence, France

On one hand, this is an incredibly original example of a rare bike in MV Agusta’s history, and it’s the first road registered 4 cylinder motorcycle that the factory ever made. On the other hand, the seller says you can get this ‘at a still reasonable price’…with an opening bid of over $1,000,000.

MV Agusta 4C6 - Front Left

Also known as the Black Pig, the 4C6 (sometimes referred to as the 600-4) featured a sandcast engine that produced 60 horsepower. It weighed over 485 pounds, so this was no sportbike. Just 127 were built before MV bumped up displacement to 750cc. For more on the 4C6, check out this profile on Vintage Motorcycles Online. And if you want to hear this rare bike start up, here’s a video of bike #11:

Back to this bike (VIN: 199-001). To be fair, the seller himself says the listed price is fiction, and that this is really just an ad to raise awareness and let people contact him. This example is claimed to be in great original shape however the factory-applied varnish has turned yellow with age. Despite that, the seller seems to think this bike will eventually be worth over a million. Time will tell, I guess.

MV Agusta 4C6 - Engine

Find this historic MV for sale in St Rémy de Provence, France with an opening bid of $1,111,111