In Italy – 1980 TM 125 MX

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Filed under “bikes I couldn’t find much information on,” this 125 motocross bike is an early example of TM’s offerings as the company was founded in 1976.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all I can figure out about it. The company was formed by two friends (Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli), and they named the company after the first letter of their son’s names (Thomas/Mirko). According to this Dirt Rider story, TM currently pumps out about 1,300 bikes a year, ~200 of which come to the US. But I’m stumped about this early model, and I’m hoping one of you has some experience with it!

This example is said to be fully restored “including engine and suspension”, and the seller points out that these are even rare in their home country of Italy. That’s pretty much all they have to say about it, sadly.

Find this TM for sale in Casal Palocco, Italy with a BIN of $12,000 or best offer here on eBay.

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