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I think one of the best (but hardest) things for motorcyclists to do is to get seat time on a variety of bikes. While it’s nice to get intimate knowledge of your daily rider and to feel like you’re one with it, getting a taste of the different worlds of motorcycling makes you a more competent overall rider and opens your eyes to new possibilities – I assume any one who’s tried a supermoto or small dual-sport recently is nodding at the moment. This is why I’m so excited about the announcement of Club EagleRider.

When I first heard of EagleRider, I thought it was just for Harleys (no thanks at all to the corporate colors and logo they chose!):

Last year I finally decided to give them a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised with the operation.

My EagleRider rental on PCH.

They offer a wide variety of bikes (depending on what city you’re in) and their network of facilities is better than any other motorcycle rental company that I’m aware of.
EagleRider - Bikes

Now it looks like EagleRider is taking advantage of their geographic distribution with Club EagleRider, a new membership program that will allow you to sample their bikes all around the country!

EagleRider - NYC Flag

I’ve seen attempts at motorcycling ride sharing clubs/platforms in the past, and I suspect the closest thing to a success so far has been Jupiter’s Motorcycles (if you know of another one, please leave a comment below!) They offer some cool bikes but they’re almost exclusively in New York City and pricing is either $100-$190/day with no membership fee or a $49/monthly fee that reduces your daily rate to $49. Either way, you get 225 miles per day for free. Not bad, as long as you’re near NYC.

Thanks to EagleRider’s existing network, you can now take advantage of the following for $29/month, even if you’re outside of the five boroughs:
EagleRider - Baja

  • Access to 1000s of bikes (sure, the majority are cruisers).
  • 13 Free Rentals Per Year: 1 free rental per month plus a free rental on your birthday.
  • Rentals roll over for up to 2 years.
  • Free DMV test rental bike. This doesn’t make a ton of sense at first, but you can transfer your free rental days to someone else for a fee.
  • 15% off additional rental days, self/guided tours, apparel, and service.
EagleRider - GSThe average EagleRider rental seems to be around $120/day, at least in Los Angeles. So spending about three times that to get 13 days of rentals doesn’t sound too bad. Let your days roll over for a few months and then you can either go to your local location and try different bikes over a couple of weekends, or go crazy with one long trip (start with a cruiser and then come back on a ADV tourer? Or maybe you’re considering buying an Indian Chief this year and you want some extended test rides to compare it against Harley’s offerings? Now you’ve got options!
EagleRider - Indian Chief
I’m hoping one of your New Year’s resolutions was to ride more. This could be a way to spice it up! Interested in learning more? Get more information and sign up here on the EagleRider website.
EagleRider - Amboy
Photos courtesy Anastasia Petukhova at EagleRider.

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