IRL TRON Bike – 2018 Parker Brothers Concepts Neutron

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Post Listing Update: This crazy custom got no interest at the asking price of $65,000.

There’s no shortage of atrocious Hollywood remakes being churned out year after year, however from time to time revamped movies get it right. 2010’s TRON LEGACY was able to utilize modern computer generated animation and special effects to better create the world initially laid out in 1982’s TRON. One element of the Troniverse that modern technology was able to wonderfully bring to life in Tron Legacy was the Light Cycle.

After the enormous popularity of 2010’s TRON LEGACY, a handful of outfits attempted to produce real life versions of the movie’s futuristic two-wheelers. One of said outfits was Parker Brothers Concepts, a Florida-based company specializing in producing bonkers concept vehicles. The Parker Bro’s clients range from fortune 500 companies wanting trade show display pieces, to Hollywood productions ordering custom vehicles, to NASA, who in 2017 commissioned the Parker bros to build the “2030 Mars Rover Concept”.

The Florida-based company’s list of projects is pretty wild, including several wacky motorcycles, including the Neutron, which was formally known as the Xenon. The Parker Brothers were hired to bring Daniel Simon (the artist behind the film’s “Light Cycles”), futuristic motorcycle designs to life, and after completing their work for the production, the brothers used the blue prints from the Light Cycle to create replica bikes.

The first replicas were powered by Suzuki 996cc V-Twins, but the brothers would later unveil an electric version known as the Xenon. The Xenon’s 40,000w electric motor was provided by e-scooter purveyor, Evolve, and the bike was available in two different versions; the base model (which started at $55K) and the “XR”. Charging time was reportedly around three hours, and the bike’s top-speed was a claimed 70mph.

More recently Parker Brothers Concepts updated the model with redesigned bodywork, an improved powertrain, and a new name; the “Neutron”. The latest rendition of the machine features a 48volt A/C engine that reportedly makes an equivalent of 60 horsepower and what I assume is gobs of torque, though no figures are cited. The system also boasts lithium ion batteries and Curtis controllers (programmable via any laptop) and 2.5” TFT displays. The Neutron is supposedly capable of 80-100 miles on a single charge and speeds of around 100mph.

Wrapped around the electric mill is a steel chassis, covered in high-grade aero carbon fiber bodywork. Electroluminescent strips adorn the bike’s rims, bodywork, and tire cowlings, keeping in line with the Tron aesthetics. An array of machined parts are also found on the Neutron, all of which are schedule 40/41 aluminum that have been hand polished. Like the Xenon, the Neutron is available in several versions: the standard (base model), the Silver, and the Platinum. The latter two feature the lighting and other bits necessary to be street legal, plus they include an upgraded powertrain and some other top-shelf bells and whistles. Some of the goodies and add-ons available include custom colors and lighting, thumb-print scan ignition, iPad mini digital display, and a button-activated electric dual linear actuated kickstand.

The Neutron also uses a proprietary dual hubless wheel design with (what PC calls) center brake caliper technology and large diameter bearings and axles. The hubless wheels are then wrapped in what start out as truck tires that are then custom shaped onto the counter-roatating rims. Parker Brothers Concepts actually sells a hubless wheel kit for motorcycles, in case you want your R1 to have a little more Tron flavor.

According to the Parker Bro’s website, only 25 units are produced each year, and this example that is currently for sale appears to be the very last one. While this bike’s price does exceed the MSRP, this may be explained by the rarity of this example. This is obviously more of a show piece and less of a vehicle, it’s still a pretty fascinating two-wheeler.

You can find this 2018 Parker Brothers Concepts Neutron (VIN: PBC18516GHB225) for sale in Melbourne, Florida with a price of $65,000

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