JDM Import – 1991 Honda CB-1 Type II

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3-29 Update: Four years later, this CB-1 is now up for sale over on Iconic. The “Battely” sticker is gone and it has a couple hundred more miles, otherwise it appears to have stayed in good shape. Find it in Chandler, Arizona with bidding up to $1,900 and the reserve not yet met here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

Honda’s CB-1 has become a cult classic, perfect for riders who enjoyed a balanced bike and didn’t need a replica racer to tear up streets with. Cycle World called this “a great motorcycle that never found an audience”, which is why Honda pulled it from the US in 1990. After the bike was pulled from the US, Honda created a “Type 2” for the markets that still appreciated what this bike could offer. The Type II had taller bars, a slightly larger fuel tank, full stainless exhaust, different rear shock, taller final drive ratio, and a few cosmetic changes like a darker engine and side panels. Also noteworthy is that the dropped from 59 to 53 horsepower.

It says “Check The Battely”!

Here’s a Type 2, which is very hard to find in the US. It was “legally imported in accordance with DOT and EPA” and it is titled and registered in Arizona. Californians will have a problem because it has a Japanese VIN, but residents of other states should be OK. This example has 7,051 miles and it looks pretty good. Flaws are limited to some corrosion on the valve cover, a scratch on the rear of the cowl, and a leaking front right fork seal.

Find this CB-1 for sale in San Jacinto, California with a BIN of $4,875 or best offer

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