KTM Duke 620

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KTM has always enjoyed a reputation for making some of the best off-road bikes out there, but in recent years they’ve also taken on the status of a premiere supermoto manufacturer, as well. This all started in the mid 90’s with the Austrian firm’s first stock supermoto, the KTM Duke 620.

KTM Duke 620 - Left Side

Featuring the venerable LC4 engine, you’re looking at 55 hp, 40 mpg, and most importantly, only 320 lbs of bike to toss around. These are truly some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. We’ll leave it to Cycle World:


Steer clear. Move on before it’s too late. Turn the page. Nothing good can come of it. KTM’s Duke, the first pure streetbike the tiny Austrian firm has sold in the U.S., is a diabolic device that will land you in hot water quicker than Senator Bob Packwood at a panty raid. This bike is 609cc worth of stonkin’ Single that lives for three things and three things only: 1) wheelies, 2) stoppies and 3) rorty romps through the gearbox. The meek may inherit the Earth, but they won’t be riding around on KTM Dukes.

Cycle World, 1995

KTM Duke 620 - Gauges

This specific KTM Duke 620 has had plenty of upgrades, particularly a FCR 41mm pumper carb, staintune full exhaust system, and Easton bars. The ‘angry robot insect’ might not be your cup of tea, but you’d be hard-pressed to have this kind of fun for the money. Our argument is…you can’t see the odd front fairing when you’re behind the handlebars!

KTM Duke 620 - Rear

Find this KTM Duke 620 for sale here on Craigslist for the surprisingly reasonable price of $2,500 in Bettendorf, Iowa.

KTM Duke 620 - Right Side

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