Leftover Discount – 2019 Kawasaki W800 Cafe

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A brand new 2020 Kawasaki W800 Cafe will set you back $9,199, but a dealer in New Jersey’s got a leftover 2019 model that they’ll sell you for $6,599.

I’ve spent some time with the Cafe, and I didn’t think it was worth nearly $10k. At $7,000, it’s a much more interesting proposition if you don’t have a need for speed. It’s a bit overweight and down on power, but the bevel gear cam drive is charming and it’s got a unique style. For what it’s worth, I much prefer the regular W800, which was new for 2019 and is significantly more comfortable from an ergonomic standpoint.

Not much to say about this example (VIN: JKBEJCC16KA000712), which is a new leftover model. Find this W800 for sale in Flemington, New Jersey for $6,599 (presumably plus any dealer fees) here on eBay.