Military Mount – 1964 Triumph TRW

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Post Sale Update: This TRW sold for $4,551 after 33 bids on eBay. However, it was then relisted and sold for $5,100 after 39 bids.

I absolutely adore military motorcycles, so I look forward to sharing this one with you. The Triumph TRW was built for use by the British military in WWII – only problem was that the war had been won by the time the bike had actually been released in 1948. Still, between 15 and 16 thousand were built by the time production ended in 1964 – it’s just that not many were actually ordered by the British army.

Triumph TRW - Rear Left

An evolution of the 5TW, the TRW was purchased by the Royal Air Force, and lots of Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even Pakistan. It was never sold new to the public, and only 80 exist on the register of TRW’s at Burton Bike Bits. For all the information you would want on a TRW, check out this “Buyers Guide” from Sump Pumblishing.

Triumph TRW - Serial

This specific Triumph TRW (VIN: 29251) has 2,204 miles and is mostly original. It comes with the nifty canvas rucksacks/saddlebags and a tank bag, along with the original tires. Though the Florida title that will come with the bike says this is a ’48 model, the VIN is for a ’64 model – the last year of production. It should be noted that the bike is running in this video:

but the seller is listing the bike as a non-runner and he doesn’t specify why. Easy liability?

Triumph TRW - Front Right

Find this Triumph TRW for sale in Tampa, Florida with bidding up to $3,100