Moto Giro Mount – 1962 Wards Riverside (Benelli) Cobra

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Back in the 60’s some of the major US department stores sold European small-displacement motorcycles in the American market. Montgomery Wards rebadged Benellis and sold them under the Wards-Riverside name. You could buy them in the store, or from their long-gone catalogs. Here’s an ad for the 4-stroke 250.

This 1962 Wards Riverside Cobra was a piston-port 2-stroke, good for all of 6.5hp. Brake and kick-starter on the left, and shifter on the right, as most European bikes were prior to their standardization in the mid-1970’s.

This Cobra is the Road version (there was a street scrambler), and while there is lots of surface rust, it looks to be all there. The seller says it has been in storage many years, but the engine is free, has good compression, and the tank is clean and free of rust. These are not particularly rare, so parts are actually available. With a little work this could be cleaned up and turned into a fun little MotoGiro mount.

You can find this Cobra for sale in Aberdeen, South Dakota here on Craigslist for $1,200.