No Reserve – 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 MkII

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Post Sale Update: This KZ sold for $12,000 after 52 bids on eBay in New Braunfels, Texas.

One of the many highlights from my recent ride out to Texas was a stop in New Braunfels to visit Texas Two Strokes. We talked about bikes for a while and he showed me a machine that he brought back to life and was about to offer up on eBay – now it’s live and it’s being listed with no reserve!

An evolution of the KAZ900, the KZ1000 was the fastest production bike when it was released in 1976 (as a ’77 model) thanks to its 83 horsepower, 1,015cc inline four motor. The bike might be most famous for the police variant, which gained popularity on the show CHiPs and managed to stay in production until 2005. With the right accessories, they were solid touring machines. But they were no slouch on the racetrack – Reg Pridmore won the 1978 AMA Superbike championship on a KZ1000. The ’79 is the model you want as the ’80 got stuck with a 80 mph speedometer and sidecovers that did not say “Mk II” on them.

This example (VIN: KZT00A519818) is in great shape, and everything works. There are a few modifications – high flow petcock, an oil pressure gauge, aluminum handlebars, and dual FIAMM horns. Due to condensation buildup, the speedometer/odometer was replaced (original is included, it shows about 35,000 miles). The original handlebars are included in the sale as well. The pinstripe decals have been redone and different slightly from stock in design and placement.

The last few MkIIs I’ve featured on eBay sold for $13,450, $16,300, and $17,750, so I’m curious to see where this will end up with no reserve. Find this Kawasaki for sale in New Braunfels, Texas with bidding up to $5,500 here on eBay.

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