Out of Office – Coast to Coast

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Every October, I attend a conference for the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation for my day job. When it’s possible, I try to turn it into an excuse for a ride – back in 2010, the conference was in Seattle so I took 4 days to ride up the coast, then completed the Iron Butt Association challenge of riding from Canada to Mexico in 24 hours. This year, the conference is in Orlando. You can probably see where this is going…

The conference was actually in Orlando back in 2011 as well, but when I asked my CEO if I could attempt the 50 hour coast to coast challenge back then he said no because our company would have serious issues if something happened to me on the ride. Apparently, I’m now expendable!

I hit the road tomorrow – I’ll take 5-6 days to ride out to Orlando, spend a few days there for work, then head to Jacksonville. I’ve recruited a friend to ride a Honda Gold Wing out to Jacksonville on his own time. After my work obligation is taken care of, I’ll ride to Jacksonville, and Nathan will fly in to pick up the Gold Wing. Then we’ll turn around and attempt an Iron Butt Association 50CC Quest – coast to coast in 50 hours.

With that said, I’ve never ridden east of Oklahoma/Texas before, so I’d love some suggestions for things to do and see when I get to take my time. At this point, the only real stop I have planned is in Nashville to see some buddies who work at Bridgestone Tires, so my route will vaguely look like this (but if the weather sucks in NM/TX/OK I may go the southern route):

In your experience, what should I see/do as I head east? Or, if you’re generally in the area and would like to meet, I’d love to say hi! Leave a comment below or email me: abhi AT bike-urious.com and we’ll see if the schedule works out. As to what I’ll be riding…hopefully the top image gives you the answer.