Over $120k – 2005 Kawasaki KX250

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Post-Sale Update: After 108 bids on eBay, this KX250 sold for $241,000.01. You know, about $1,000 per cc. I look forward to seeing if the sale goes through or if this bike gets relisted.

You’re probably wondering why the bidding on this bike is so high. Well, a couple of weeks ago at the Atlanta Supercross, teams came together as part of a “Throwback Race” that involved a lot of 90s inspired elements: in terms of bike paint schemes, gear designs, and even course designs – they brought back the awesome over/under bridge. This bike was part of the opening ceremonies, but as my fellow Super Troopers fans would attest to – that’s a lotta dimp!

Kawasaki KX250 - In Show

As part of the opening ceremonies for this throwback race, Chad Reed rode this KX250 – and that’s the only usage this bike has. With the exception of the lighted wheels, this bike will be as ridden by Reed. The sale includes Reed’s gear, which has been signed, and a percentage of the sale will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Find this KX250 for sale in Chattanooga, Tennessee with bidding up to $127,300