Picture Intermission – 8/15 at the Rock Store

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Over at Iconic, we like to do a weekly from our shop to the Rock Store on Sunday mornings as an excuse to get out and see our friends! Here’s the visual feast from this past weekend…

The ride is almost always the same: leave our shop at the Santa Monica Airport at 7:30 and rally with some friends at the Chevron on Sunset/PCH at 8:00. That’s where I got to see bikes like this 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Racing – before this ride, it had just 433 miles. The seller is Angel, our new manager at Iconic. He auctioned the bike off and it didn’t meet reserve, so he flushed all the fluids, installed new tires, and did about 100 miles with us this day. The listing is therefore outdated, but if you’re interested in an Erion with ~520 miles that’s ready to ride, let me know!

There was also a BMW HP2 Sport. If you didn’t need class-leading power, the HP2 rewarded riders with a glorious sound, tremendous brakes (with minimal dive thanks to the Telever front suspension), relatively spacious seating, and a GP dashboard that feels right at home on the track. The hefty price tag also included PVM forged aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, and Marzocchi suspension. It was the pinnacle of sporty R-bikes, as BMW would later develop the S-series of sportbikes.

We then took Las Flores Canyon to Schueren Road to Stunt Road to Mulholland on our way to the Rock Store. We just acquired this one-owner Desmosedici with aftermarket white bodywork (don’t worry, it comes with the original bodywork) and my partner Adam took it out for the Sunday ride. He said that the suspension was better set up than other Desmos we’ve ridden, though the brakes probably need to be bled.

There I got to enjoy the following:

This Yamaha FJ600 belongs to a friend who’s an instructor with Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle School – it was originally his mother’s bike and he recently brought it back to life – it has over 75k miles!

Though I wouldn’t buy one for myself, I enjoyed my time with the Yamaha Niken – did you catch my review on Cycle News? It would appear that not many other people bought one for themselves either, but this was a rare one in the wild. Also cool was the Yamaha TDR250 right next to it, which somehow has a CA plate. Consider me jealous.

Indian FTR1200 – I still haven’t ridden one of these on the street, though I’ve done a few laps of Willow Springs with one. My journalist buddies say this year’s model is much improved with regards to fueling, hopefully I’ll find out for myself soon enough.

Six cylinders of Kawasaki KZ1300 fury.

Built by Larry and Carol, Romestant, this is the “BMW Bell Kaff K Augusta.” I have no idea what that means, but it’s distinctive. I like several of the details, but in general I think that K75/K100 customs usually don’t look very good, it’s a tough bike to customize (and a damn decent bike when stock).

Jay Leno featured it on his YouTube channel back in 2014:

Something about the fairing and custom headlights of this Gold Wing caught my eye.

Adam took a Desmosedici, but I took a BMW HP2 Megamoto out for the day. There’ll be more about this bike coming soon…

That’s it bike-wise, but I’ve learned to end with a dog whenever possible!