Press Release – Hugo Moto Partners with Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro to add Scrambler Class

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It’s rare that I get a press release that truly captures my interest – most of the time it’s something similar to “here’s a bike that makes 2 more horsepower than the previous generation thanks to a new airbox design” and I’m yawning after the first sentence. But when I hear from the guys from Hugo Moto, I’m inclined to pay attention. Sometimes it feels like every OEM is trying to release a factory scrambler, but Hugo Moto is trying the interesting angle of building scrambler and ADV kits for Harley-Davidson Sportsters. Check out their kits here – I haven’t had the pleasure of trying one yet, but on paper one of their builds would be the most fun I could have on a HD.

What I appreciate about this press release is that Hugo Moto isn’t just throwing kits out there, they’re also competing. Check out this hillclimb victory at this year’s March Moto Madness, and then read on to see how they’re about to have a scrambler class added on a Sprint Enduro. These races can be difficult for riders on lightweight dirt bikes, so it’ll be quite a sight to watch the big-bore scramblers go at it. Who knows, it might just be like the glory days of desert sleds getting dirty…except this time it’s on a golf course! You should check it out if you’re anywhere near southern West Virginia.

If this is your first time hearing about Hugo Moto, you should check out this story on RevZilla about how one of the co-founders had a mechanical failure in the 1987 Atlas Rally and how it almost took his life. These guys are serious about off-roading and they’re taking an interesting angle on growing the world of adventure riding.

Hugo Moto partners with Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro to add Scrambler class.

Hugo Moto, the manufacturer of high-performance bolt-on scrambler kits for Harley-Davidson Sportsters, announces the addition of a 750cc+ Scrambler class to the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro.

Greenback, TN – Hugo Moto is proud to announce the addition of a 750cc+ Scrambler class to the last round of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro to be held October 20th and 21st in Glen Daniel, West Virginia. Racers will have the opportunity to ride 6 timed sections per day, alternating between grass track and woods sections. Competitors must be at least 18 years of age on a street-legal 750cc or larger machine with DOT-approved tires.

“Hugo Moto measures performance in smiles per hour and we can’t think of anything much more fun than ripping around a golf course on scramblers,” said Jason Smith, Hugo Moto President. “The Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro format is a perfect fit for scrambler racing. We love the fact that riders get to run their own pace against the clock on some amazing terrain. Not having to worry about who’s lined up next to you and getting to run shorter, timed segments really makes it approachable for everyone.”

Jason Hooper, Founder and Promoter of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series, stated, “We’ve watched the scrambler scene blow up over the last several years so we were excited when Hugo Moto approached us about adding a new class.They work closely with our title sponsor, Kenda, on scrambler tire development, so it’s a perfect fit. If the interest is strong, we’ll add it to selected events next year.”

About Hugo Moto:
Hugo Moto creates motorcycle accessories that empower average Janes and Joes to build exceptional bikes. Current focus: Making Harley-Davidson Sportsters great again with high-performance, bolt-on scrambler conversion kits. For more information visit .

About The Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series:
The Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro is a nine-round AMA Championship Off-Road Racing Series. Each two-day event consists of six European-style “special test” timed sections per day, alternating between grass track and enduro tests. For more information visit