Randy Grubb’s Decopod Prototype

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Well, it looks like this Prototype was won at the Boone County Swap Meet Auction and the winner is trying to resell it on eBay. Here’s a recap for you:

You may know Randy Grubb because he built Jay Leno’s Tank Car (in addition to the Blastone Indy Special, the Decoliner, and more). He made 12 of these Decopods – 6 with two wheels and 6 with three wheels. This is the prototype (just one of two Decopods with two doors instead of one).

Unlike the final production versions which seem to be built on Piaggio scooters, this is an aluminum body built on a Honda Arrow 80.

Forget all of that for a moment, though. Just watch this video about the Decopods from my favorite YouTube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage:

I don’t know what this thing went for a couple of weeks ago, but you can now find it for sale in Medford, Oregon with a BIN of $20,000 or best offer