Rare Pair – 2x 1999 Yamaha R7

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Post Listing Updates: Both bikes were pulled off of eBay because they had an “error in the listing.”

Yamaha released just 500 examples of the homologation special R7 (also known was the OWO2). Only 31 of them were sold through US dealers, while another three were imported directly by Yamaha’s US division. Someone in Southern California has two example – one of the factory imported bikes and one built by Graves Motorsports with a R1 engine from the AMA’s Formula Extreme class. These are some iconic sportsbikes.


From the dealer floor, the OWO2 was basically a street legal World Superbike racer. MSRP was about $32,000, making twice as expensive as Honda’s closest offering, the RC51 SP1. The R7 was restricted to 106 horsepower from the factory, so Yamaha offered two hop-up kits: one added 25 hp, while the “race” kit added 55 hp, at a cost of over $10,000. These came with a titanium crank as standard, and full Ohlins suspension front and rear. The only concern is that the titanium cranks actually had a manufacturing issue from the factory and many of them cracked. Yamaha issued a recall, so you must make sure that the R7 you buy has had the crank taken care of.

The ‘stock’ red and white example is a one-owner bike that’s plated, registered, and titled in California. It has about 10,000 miles and the recall work has already been performed. Upgrades include a derestriciton, Marchesini wheels, Power Commander, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, and the full size radiator and airbox from the race kit. It’s never been tracked. Find it for sale in Agoura Hills, California with a BIN of $28,500 or best offer


The other example is a bit insane. Graves Motorsports took the R7 frame and slightly modified it to fit an R1 engine that had been prepped for Formula Extreme racing (note the R7-1 emblems on the tail). It features a slipper clutch, 41mm flatslide carbs, bigger radiator, titanium headers, and Akrapovic carbon exhaust. Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes complement Marchesini wheels, and somehow this is also titled and plated in California – and it has about 8,750 miles of street usage! Awesome. Find this highly modified R7 for sale in Agoura Hills, California with a BIN of $24,900 or best offer