REV’IT Urban Collection Preview at Beach Moto

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I’m ashamed to confess that when I first heard about REV’IT, something about the name made me think it was a cheap in-house brand from a store like Cycle Gear. It wasn’t until I went on a group adventure camp/ride to Death Valley and I saw nearly 50% of the riders with REV’IT suits that I realized I had made a huge mistake and that the company deserved a closer look. So when Dennis, owner of Beach Moto asked me to come over because REV’IT was hosting a preview event of their Spring/Summer Urban line, I knew I had to come check it out.

Rev'It - Engineered Skin

Rev'It Event at Beach Moto - Team

Rev’IT’s solid (and friendly!) corporate team.

So let me start out with some basics – REV’IT brought out a fantastic trio of their corporate team that is clearly passionate about motorcycles and their products. On first impression, the urban line is well thought out and well-built, though I’m going to have to find a way to get my hands on some to confirm my initial suspicions.

Rev'It Event at Beach Moto - Bikes

A plethora of interesting motorcycles outside Beach Moto.

Rev'It - Urban Boots


This event was specifically created to feature REV’IT’s Urban Collection, which is all about providing the same safety and features in subtler packaging.


My personal favorite item was probably a belt that will soon be released. A pleasant leather belt that would go with any pair of jeans, it features a zip-in to the bottom rear of REV’IT jackets which will help prevent the rising and bunching typical of lighter jackets when you’re riding at speed. Clever!


Rev'It Event at Beach Moto - Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

There are lots of companies out there competing for your “motorcycle gear” dollars. I can’t tell you which one is best, but I can say that I was quite pleased with REV’IT’s representation by employees and the thoughtfulness put into their upcoming Urban Collection. If any of you end up buying some of these, I’d love to hear your opinions!


So don’t be a fool like me – check out REV’IT’s line here on their website. And if you’re in LA like me, go see Dennis at Beach Moto for the best access to REV’IT products. And then drop me a line, so we can hang out and talk about bikes!

Rev'It Event at Beach Moto - Front Door

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