Ride With Me – SoCal Track Days 2/4-2/5

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The owners of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway also own SoCal Track Days, which organizes track days at Chuckwalla with a twist – there are no sessions. So once the track goes live, anyone can start or stop riding at their discretion, getting as much track time as they wish. I’ll be out there with a few buddies on February 4th and 5th – come join me!

Chuckwalla’s a bit far for me so whenever I go out there I try to ride two days in a row to justify the travel time. One nice thing about the track is that they have cabins on site to make the logistics much easier.

It’s great to have everyone hang out together after the riding is done for the day.

I’ll be on my trusty Ninja 400, and if there’s room in the trailer I may bring out the Tesi 3D as well:

With that said, Iconic has recently ordered a few Honda NSF250Rs directly from HRC and there’s a good chance the container will come before this track day. If I can fit on one, I’m definitely buying one for myself (and let me know if you’re looking for one as well).

Both days will be CCW, and it’s $230 per day. Hope to see you out there – you can sign up here! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, but sign up quick as they typically limit attendance to ~40 riders/day to make sure you can ride to your heart’s content!

See you at Chuckwalla! Though I’ll be on much slower bikes this time around…