Signed By The Designer – 1993 Yamaha GTS1000

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Post Listing Update: This GTS was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

The GTS1000 was full of technology that would not make its way to most bikes for years to come, including fuel injection, ABS brakes, and most importantly, the RADD front suspension designed by James Parker. This suspension was able to isolate braking from damping, leading to increased performance in both aspects, as well as more stability.

Unfortunately, the extra cost required for all this innovative technology was high and consumers weren’t ready for it. The bike was a commercial flop, though it did sell for a few more years outside of the US. Like many poor-selling, technologically advanced bikes, owners are very passionate and have developed communities to keep these bikes alive. Parts are still available for the front end, and the rest of the bike is straightforward enough. Yanked from the FZR1000, the Genesis engine was detuned but still made triple digit power. This bike gives you all the fun of a rare, quirky bike, but without the support-related drawbacks. You can use it everyday, and that’s one of the reasons why Bike magazine called it the ‘coolest of rare motorcycles’ ever made.

This example (VIN: JYA4HHE06PA000330) is offered with no reserve (though the seller notes that “if a collector came along and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, I would end the auction early”), it’s got a low production number, and it’s been signed by James Parker himself!

It had an oil change 500 miles ago, and the major components are all said to be in good shape. Extras include hard bags, a tank protector, Daytona water temp gauge, Corbin seat, handlebar risers, and handlebar mounted controls for a fan switch and a chain oiler. Issues include a scratch on the right mirror which has been touched up, a ABS light that “rarely” comes on and can be fixed with a power cycle, and an “intermittent and low speed bog at infrequent/random times.”

Find this GTS for sale in Pasadena, Maryland with bidding up to $3,150 here on eBay.

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