Time’s Running Out – 1985 Moto Morini Camel

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Post Sale Update: This Moto Morini Camel did not meet reserve at $2,026. After being relisted, it sold at a BIN price of $1,999.

The Moto Morini Camel was an incredibly rare dual sport built to capitalize on the dual sport craze that flared up as the Paris-Dakar rally got popular. The Camel featured a 500cc V-Twin – its little brother, the Kanguro, got a 350cc engine.

Moto Morini Camel - Front

The engines for Morinis were quite distinctive. Just like the Moto Morini 3 1/2 featured earlier today, the twin cylinders in this bike were angled at 72 degrees, and featured the unique Heron head. This features a combustion chamber that is actually machined into the piston surface, whereas the head itself is flat. For all your trouble, you’ll get a bike that that returns above average gas mileage and deceptive speed per cc, but you’ll also have a heck of a time getting the electric starter to work. Hope you remember how to kick start a dual sport!

Moto Morini Camel - Left Side

This specific Moto Morini Camel is in decent shape for its age – there are some minor cosmetic issues, but nothing that would be difficult to take care of. The carburetors have been rebuilt to European specs, and you’ll get new tires, a new electronic ignition, and a rear wheel. In general, this bike has low miles, and everything work. The flaws consist of a tear in the seat and a broken mirror mount on the clutch perch, both of which are reasonable for a nearly 30 year old bike.

Want to see more? The seller has uploaded a video that includes starting and some rding here:

Moto Morini Camel - Rear

Find this Moto Morini Camel for sale here on eBay with bidding at $1,500 and a Buy-It-Now price of $2,995 in Lima, New York.

Moto Morini Camel - Tank