Two-Stroke Tiddler – 1972 Suzuki AC50 Maverick

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The 1960’s and ’70’s were a golden era for small-displacement bikes. One of the noteworthy little “tiddlers” from this era was the Suzuki AC50 Maverick, a 50cc scrambler produced from ’70 to ’74. The Maverick never had the same level of popularity as Honda’s Cub C110, but the AC50 supposedly held the title of world’s fastest 50cc production bike at one point. The Maverick was a surprisingly well-farkled machine considering its small displacement and 3/4-size stature, and its success would lead to Suzuki releasing a handful of derivative models like the A50, AR50, AS50, and K50.

Powering the Suzuki was a 49cc, two-stroke, rotary-valve, air-cooled single that produced a claimed 4.9 hp at 8,500 rpm and 3.05 ft-lbs of torque at 8,000 rpm. According to multiple sources, the Maverick boasted a top speed of over 60 mph thanks to its engine only weighing about 40 lbs, and its 160 lb (dry) weight. The speedo – the Mav’s only instrumentation – goes up to triple-digit speeds (100 mph) which may seem overly ambitious on Suzuki’s behalf, but the AC50 was a popular seller in Europe where many owners would outfit their AC50’s with optional hop-up kits which made the AC50’s capable of reaching those speeds.

The pint-sized Suzuki featured a thumb-operated choke, an electric horn, chrome fenders, upswept scrambler-style exhaust complete with heat-shield, 17″ chrome rims, 16mm Mikuni VM16 carb, and Suzuki’s “Posi-force” lubrication system. Models also came from the factory with nifty little tool-kits that were stored next to the battery beneath the seat.

The Maverick’s pressed-steel frame was pretty standard for the era, maybe even a little out-dated by the early 1970’s, but it was sufficient for holding the 40 lb single motor via two bolts towards the rear of the machine. Married to the 49cc engine was a five-speed transmission with wet multi-plate clutch which was operated via a standard left-hand clutch-lever. The rest of Maverick’s equipment was pretty unremarkable – drum brakes fore and aft, telescopic forks in front and dual springs in back.

This particular 1972 AC50 example is said to be original though a handful of parts have been replaced with NOS parts. In addition to getting a general tune-up, this Kawa-colored Suzuki had its forks replaced, the seals replaced, carb rebuilt and new tires/tubes installed. The oil-injection is reported to work flawlessly and the original tank is in pretty great condition as well. The chrome and paint on this one are original too, making for some awesome 1970’s patina, and though it’s not flawless, the imperfections just add character.

This 3/4-size Suzuki is currently wearing its original blue and yellow California plate, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a title and it has been out of the CA DMV system for years. The benefit of that is that you won’t have to worry about back fees! It might not be a museum quality example, but it’s a really fun little runner, and like the saying goes: “They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.”

You can find this 1972 Suzuki AC50 Maverick for sale here on Craigslist in San Diego, California with a price of $1,500.

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