Two Wheel Drive – 1970 Rokon Trailbreaker

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Founded about 50 years ago, Rokon has become synonymous with two-wheel-drive motorcycles that are able to go anywhere. Initially designed as a motorcycle/tractor, the Trailbreaker lives up to its name with incredibly low gearing that enables riders to climb up steep hills balancing at just 0.5 miles per hour.

Rokon Trailbreaker - Right Side

Using a combination of chain, belt, and shaft drives, the over-ride system allows both wheels to be powered. The 134cc Chrysler engine produces just 8 horsepower, leading to an average top speed of around 20 miles per hour. You won’t be going quickly, but you’ll be able to go wherever you’d like. Want to learn more? Check out Rokon World for as much information as you can handle, including an excellent history that dispels a lot of myths about how the Rokon Trailbreaker was born. By far the coolest aspect of this bike is the wheels. Built as hollow drums, they’re able to store liquids like extra gasoline or water when you’re on long trips. It doesn’t get much more utilitarian than that – which is why these were so well suited as farm/working bikes.

Rokon Trailbreaker - Rear

This specific Rokon Trailbreaker is in good shape, with some recently replaced mechanically components. Slight cosmetic issues, especially the seat and some paint, but as the seller points out – that won’t help the bike run any better. A key switch has also been added to help prevent theft. We didn’t realize that these bikes didn’t come with keys from the factory! Most important? Ammo can pannier! It doesn’t get better than that.

Rokon Trailbreaker - Engine

Find this Rokon Trailbreaker here on eBay with a BIN price of $2,500 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Rokon Trailbreaker - Front