Unexpected Custom – 1968 Royal Enfield Interceptor

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Post Listing Update: This custom Interceptor did not get any action at the asking price of $30,000.

This Interceptor was built by Charlie Giordano of Tailgunner Exhausts (so it obviously features their trademark rotating gatling gun mufflers). Ignoring that, this bike is quite polarizing – what do you think of it?

I call this an unexpected custom simply because no one seems to ever customize the Interceptors. Not many were made, so when someone with resources acquires a beat up example it usually gets restored to stock-ish conditions. This, on the other hand, features details like a liniment bottle with rum on the fork tube, a bottle opener on the frame, or a battery box built from cigar boxes. For more on this build, check out this profile on Cycle World. Giordano apparently bought it for $150 out of the back of a truck, it was beat up enough that he couldn’t even determine what the bike was. Whether or not you like the style of the end result, you have to appreciate that he saved a bike from going to the junkyard.

Find this custom Interceptor for sale in West Tisbury, Massachusetts with a BIN of $30,000 or best offer

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