Vesco Bodied – 1975 Honda CB400F

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Post Listing Update: This CB400F did not meet reserve with just 2 bids up to $1,725.

8-11-2019 Update: Over 4 years later, this Vesco-bodied Honda has made its way to the Midwest, but now it needs a new owner. Find it with an unmet opening bid of $1,500 or an optimistic BIN of $10,500

Post Sale Update: After 24 bids on eBay, this CB400F sold for $2,375. However, it was then relisted a couple of times and ended with no action on an opening bid ask of $3,000.

Featuring a rare set of “Cafe Royal” fairings from Don Vesco, this CB400F has undergone a full rebuild and is claimed to be ‘new from top to bottom.’

The CB400F is already a cool bike (with some of the best-looking factory headers ever), but the star of this show is obviously the bodywork. Let’s back up a bit – Vesco was a racer who set 18 motorcycle and 6 automobile speed records during his life – he was the first person to ride faster than 250mph (or 300mph), among many other notable achievements. The expertise he developed in building record setting vehicles was used to create aftermarket motorcycle accessories, like the “Rabid Transit” fairing or this much rarer “Cafe Royal” bodywork. The seller has emails from the Vesco family that suggest only about 100-150 of the Cafe Royal fairings were made:

“The pictures you sent to Vesco Racing is of our Cafe Royal fairing and seat combination. The fairing was an attempt to build a high quality cafe fairing with some practicality built in. The seat had a hinged upholstered back that flipped down to allow access to storage in the tail.”

Vesco Bodied - 1975 Honda CB400F - Front Left

Find this CB400F for sale in Carlsbad, California with bidding up to $510