Video Intermission – Sammy Miller restores a 1937 New Imperial

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Over the last four months, Sammy Miller has been documenting the restoration of a ’37 New Imperial on his YouTube channel. He just released the final episode this week, which is perfect for those of you that like to binge everything at once!

Sammy Miller is a motorcycling legend – he was talented in a variety of disciplines but he truly made a name for himself in trials, where he won over 1,300 events and helped Bultaco and Honda develop trials machines. When Vy and I went to the UK a few years ago, one of the most popular suggestions for us to visit was Sammy’s museum. We spent a day there, and Sammy even took a few minutes to talk to me about a Rudge Multi he was in the middle of restoring at the time:

The quick backstory with this video series:
Back in March, motorcycle enthusiast Peter Turner gave some motorcycles to Sammy to restore after falling ill. He had always intended to restore them himself but unfortunately never had time do so. Sadly, Peter passed away before he could see the final transformation of the bike that he had owned for more than fifty years. However, he was able to watch some of the earlier videos in this series from hospital, which made him very happy to see Sam working to bring his beloved machine back to life. In this video, Sammy invited Peter’s daughter Cherryl and husband Ron, down to the museum to see the bike fire up for the first time in over half a century.”


Episode 1:

Episode 2: Engine Disassembly

Episode 3: Frame Disassembly

Episode 4: Engine Build

Episode 5: Frame Assembly

Episode 6: The Big Reveal