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I am always in search of good quality protective riding gear. I’ve been riding for over 50 years, and know in my core that it is not ‘if I need it’ it is ‘when I need it’. So I was really excited to get a chance to review the Protekt pants from Aerostitch. For the record, I am not a newbie to Aerostitch, I have been a customer for years. I own and wear an original Roadcrafter that is older than many of you reading this. (I am the second owner and yes, it is THAT good).

I know I should have taken pictures when I opened the package from Aerostitch. It’s so cool when people do that, but I was like a 6 year old on Christmas morning. And I know that the instructions include “Wash them a time or two before you wear them”. Of course I tried them on to see how I’d done ordering, and they fit just fine. It was very nice out so I hit the street for about a 50 mile test ride.

Optional TF3 knee armor.

Bad idea. The Protekt Jeans are made of extra heavy denim and are very stiff. Turns out my 24 pack abs had a bit of an issue with the waistband. So it was two days and two washings later that I put them on again. Ohhhhh. They felt so good. So I went out and put another 50 miles on them. Really good idea, I only wish it had been 500.

After a little bit of rain…

The Protekt Jeans are cut for riding. The extra space in the seat contact area is wonderful and the seated posture is perfect. The knee pads fit right where they should, and I am really looking forward to my first long adventure with these pants. I’m guessing two or three days in the saddle won’t phase them a bit. I do have a 400 mile trip on them and am excited for more.

I have now ridden the Protekts from 35 degrees F to 80 degrees. I’ve used long johns and sweat pants under them. The long johns seem to be the appropriate choice. I’ve ridden with pads and without and there is not an appreciable difference in comfort. I simply can’t wait to try them in warmer weather (I live in Yuma, AZ) where I think they will be a hot weather option. I routinely ride in temps up to 115 degrees, and am continuously searching for the optimum choice for that. I think I may have found it.

They’re offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

So. I’m no fashion model, never been. But I have had three compliments on my pants. Two from guys that I ride with, and one from the pretty barista at the coffee shop. She said “New Levi’s? They look great”. That ought to give a clue on fit and finish. So far, they are a 9.4 on a scale of 10. I’ll keep you posted.

[Editor’s Note: You can find the Protekt Jeans here on the Aerostich site for $117. TF3 knee armor is an additional $30.]

Photos by Tom Wacker and Aerostich.

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