1 of 133 – 1997.5 KTM 200LE Jackpiner

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You’re either going to look at this bike and drool, or wonder what the big deal is. If you fall in the latter camp, here’s a refresher of how KTM came to be in the US, thanks in no small part to John Penton. If you’re in the former camp, just scroll down to the for sale listing and snap it up!

Built to celebrate KTM’s 30th anniversary, a limited run of these Jackpiners (some consider them to basically be a prototype of the 200MXC) was released with unique blue plastics, an Ohlins shock, and a whole bunch of trinkets, including a mug, a t-shirt, and a certificate of authenticity. This example is #100 of 133, and the seller has pulled off the limited edition plastics and replaced them with standard KTM orange. In addition, the bike has been lowered by an inch. It comes with the certificate but no mention is made of the other limited edition pieces. This is a highly sought after, hard to find bike for KTM fans. Will it end up in your collection? Or do you think it’s much ado about nothing?

KTM 200LE Jackpiner - Current Status

How it currently sits.

Find this cheap collector’s bike for $3,500 in North Georgia here on ADVRider (registration required).