124cc Motor – BBR Honda CRF50 Racer

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Unless you participate in one of the relatively niche small displacement race events or leagues, you’ll seldom come across sub-250cc bikes in full pro-grade race-trim. That’s exactly what we have here, a 124cc Honda CRF50 decked out with just about every upgrade imaginable and built by one of the most renowned MX race shops on the west coast: BBR Motorsports. Absolutely no expense was spared when putting together this ridiculously well-farkled little Honda and according to the seller, over $10,000 went into the small-wheeled racer.

BBR – or Brown Brothers Motorsports – touts itself as “The industry’s premier adult four-stroke playbike performance technology company.” Over the years, BBR has had its cutting-edge machinery featured on numerous major magazine covers and has developed a reputation for creating MXers that push the engineering envelope. BBR’s perimeter frames are a big part of what it’s known for, though they also produce a wide array of aftermarket components for four-stroke MXers. The Washington-based company is a natural choice when looking for a shop to build the ultimate CRF50. About a decade ago BBR managed to claim AMA’s #1 plate for three-years in a row at MiniMoto SX with its perimeter-framed CRF150R.

This CRF50 example boasts one of BBR’s trick aluminum perimeter frames which wraps around a CRF50 motor with a Kitaco 124cc top end. The 124cc four-stroke single features a lengthy list of mechanical upgrades such as a Takegawa intake-manifold and CDI revbox, and now inhales through a 26mm Mikuni carb, and breathes out of a BBR D-Section performance exhaust. The brakes and suspension have also received various upgrades in the form of Formula Brake Lever/Master Cylinder, BBR front and rear Hub and Disc Conversions, Marzocchi upsidedown forks, and an Elka Works Connection BBR Super Shock that dampens one of BBR’s aluminum swing-arms.

Other upgrades from BBR includes a billet Aluminum brake-pedal, billet aluminum gas-cap, and a set of BBR rims (12-inch front & 10-inch rear). This race-ready CRF50 also has Fastway oversized aluminum footpegs, XR50 handlebars, SDG USA seat, Light Speed carbon fiber gas tank cover, and full carbon fiber bodywork (though I don’t think said bodywork is in the photos). Reading over the parts-list on this bike makes it increasingly clear how five figures were dumped into this build.

According to the seller, the ad doesn’t even include every aftermarket component on this build, but even with what’s listed the price seems more than fair. Recreating this kind of build would be widely expensive for just the parts alone. This bike could be your ticket to confidently entering small displacement competition like the UMRA Endurance race Abhi competed in a few months back. [Editor’s Note: This would have absolutely smoked the XR100 we won our class on, though the twitchy little wheels aren’t something I’d be excited to compete on for 24 hours. Still, I recently did a Rider Clinic with M1GP and that’s done on CRF50s. They’re tiny but a lot of fun!]

I don’t think there’s an easier way to get your knee down than when you’re on a CRF50. It’s a great way to speed up the learning curve!

There’s definitely something fun and charming about how decked out this little Honda is. The seller doesn’t specify what model-year this CRF50 is, but based on the money poured into it, it’s almost guaranteed to be a recent model. Either way, it’s an undeniably awesome little four-stroke racer.

You can find this BBR-component-clad 124cc Kitaco-kitted Honda CRF50 for sale here on Craigslist in Los Angeles, California with a price of $5,000.

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