17 of 28 – 2008 Voxan Charade Racing

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Voxan Motorcycles was founded back in 1995 with the aim of establishing itself as a contender in the global sport market. Started by Jacques Gardette, Voxan brought two seasoned names onboard to design the French moco’s machines. Renowned GP designer and builder Alain Chevallier – who sadly passed away last October – designed the Voxan frames while expert engine builder and tuner Sodemo Moteurs handled the responsibility of designing the powerplant. Sodemo came up with a liquid-cooled DOHC 996cc four-stroke V-twin that all Voxan models would utilize. In 1997, the company would debut its first motorcycle which would be followed by the release of its first production model two years later. Voxan would go on to introduce eight production models – all of which had very limited production numbers, often under 50 – and four additional prototypes that would never see production.

In 2004, the high-end French marque would release the “Black Magic” model. The Black Magic was a naked cafe-racer powered by the manufacturer’s signature 72 degree V-twin and outfitted with middle to top-shelf components. In 2006, Voxan would revise the Black Magic, giving it full bodywork, a redesigned exhaust, and a myriad of top-notch components that were all marked upgrades. This new machine was called the “Charade Racing”, and it was first unveiled at the 2005 Paris Motorcycle Show (where Voxan released all of its models to the best of my knowledge). This particular example that’s currently for sale is #17 of 28.

The Charade Racing was designed by Sacha Lakic – a notable motorcycle customizer and designer – and received a handful of performance upgrades in addition to its sexy new bodywork, exhausts, and seat. The V-twin on the Charade gets Magnetti Marelli fuel injection, factory-equipped racing ECU, and a REMUS tuned exhaust. The Black Magic’s successor also gets some trick suspenders. Though the stock Charade comes with a Marzocchi fork, this example is fitted with a Paioli fully adjustable 43mm upside-down front fork and an underslung BOS Engineering fully adjustable rear shock absorber that sits horizontally beneath the engine. Beringer front radial four-piston brake calipers with 320mm cast iron disc-brakes up front offer plenty of bite while a rear two-piston disc brake is equipped in back. The Charade also got factory lightweight Marchesini forged aluminium wheels.

The engine on the Charade Racing makes somewhere between 100 and 115hp between 8,000 and 9,000rpm (depending who you ask) and 75.9 ft-lbs of torque at 6,500rpm. The machine reportedly has a top speed of around 140mph and though a roughly 100hp 996cc V-twin is nothing to write home about, at least on paper, the Charade reportedly boasts a lot of low and mid-range oomph. The V-twin also is said to have very little vibration, even when at 9,000rpm, and has a tall first gear that’s incredibly smooth out of corners. Its 408lb dry weight is well hidden on the Charade, and it’s said to handle incredibly well and brake even better. The addition of small knickknacks also class up the machine, with anodized aluminium levers, master cylinder tops, and radial front brake calipers that are anodized in red. The multi-color paint digs are also an excellent touch.

The Charade’s double aluminum tube frame is constructed around a pair of large-diameter steel tubes running from the steering head to swing-arm pivot while a cast aluminium steering head also serves as the bike’s airbox. The swing-arm pivot also doubles as the oil tank for the dry-sump motor. Though Voxan ultimately failed to achieve the growth the company had aspired towards, it nonetheless produced some pretty stellar high-end machines. This particular example is being sold by the bike’s second owner, and thus far this example has only 720-miles on it and is still wearing its Michelin Pilot Power rubber from the factory.

You can find this 2008 Voxan Charade Racing (#17/28) for sale here on RaceBikeMart in Prague, Czech Republic with a price of $33,930.