1905 Indian Camelback

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Post-Listing Update: This Camelback did not meet reserve with bidding up to $55,100.

Named for the ‘hump’ on the back, which is the fuel tank for the 2.25 horsepower single, the Indian Camelback was produced in various guises until 1909, when a ‘normal’ gas tank was used. Thanks to the history, these bikes are valuable – in 2012, this 1906 example with notable ownership that had sat for 50 years sold for $72,450!

photo from Bonhams

The inlet over exhaust single helped as a pedal assist, but you may notice that there isn’t a clutch or any brakes. The only way to stop a Camelback was the pedals. This example was restored by Charlie Petty, a well-known name in the AMCA, though the timing of the restoration was not disclosed. The seller says that this is the 1,805th Hendee Indian ever built, and that it is correct and has good compression. However, the wording of “should be easy to start and ride if desired” implies that it may not be running at the moment.

Indian Camelback - Emblem

Find this Camelback for sale in Dayton, Ohio with bidding up to $49,100 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $85,000

Indian Camelback - Engine