1908 Bradley White Lightning

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7-17-20 Update: Four years later, this Bradley is back up for sale. It doesn’t look like anything has changed, though the asking price has gone up by $25k. Find it for sale in Redondo Beach, California with a BIN of $300,000 or best offer here on eBay.

Did the SS Lottery sail into your port? If so, you may be interested in THE Bradley White Lightning. Built by Bradley Motor Works in Philadelphia, PA, it was a successful and iconic board track racer.

Bradley White Lightning - Engine

This is the only known example of the Bradley White Lightning. It is listed in “American Motorcycles 1869-1914” by Stephen Wright pg 269. Only one other Bradley is known to exist. It was carefully restored in the 1990s and has mostly resided in a private museum since.

Bradley White Lightning - Front

The Bradley White Lightning was unique in that it’s 3.5 HP motor used a 4 valve L head arrangement (side valves) with the intake valves in the head and the exhaust valves in the chamber itself. Both pairs of valves operated together. The cylinder is inclined slightly forward of vertical.

This particular bike has been offered for sale in multiple places in the last couple of years, and always at much higher prices than seen here by American Classic Motors in Redondo Beach, California. Find it for $275,000