1925 Triumph Model P

In England, Vintage by Abhi2 Comments

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The Triumph Model P brought the English firm into the world of mass production – and the company needed it because they were making 1,000 per week to keep up with demand, even in an economic downturn. Much of the bike’s success came from the price: Triumph was able to sell this bike for 42 pounds, making it the cheapest 500cc bike available in England.

Triumph Model P - Cockpit

The Model P was an evolution of the Model H (which became the SD, or Spring Drive). I say evolution but the P was a base model where Triumph looked to cut costs. For more information on this very successful classic Triumph, check out this profile from Real Classic.

Triumph Model P - Pedestrian Slicer

This Triumph Model P (VIN: 0922797) has been in dry storage since it was last run at the 2013 Skerries 100 in Ireland. Find it for sale in Blaine, Washington with bidding up to $11,850 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $16,000

Triumph Model P - Right Side

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