1986 Yamaha Big Wheel BW80

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The Yamaha Big Wheel came in three different displacements – 80, 200, and 350cc. Most often used as a learner bike for little kids, the BW80 is fondly remembered by those who learned how to ride on it in the late 80s.

Yamaha Big Wheel BW80 - Front Right

The 79cc engine was a reed induction 2-stroke. It had a 3-speed transmission with an auto clutch, and the fat tires made it incredibly easy to ride on any terrain. I cannot stress enough that every motorcyclist should try one trip on a fat tire bike like the Yamaha TW200 or Honda Fat Cat. It’s hard to beat the fun per dollar on those kinds of bikes. As long as you keep the oil tank filled, the motors are basically indestructible, and they’re very easy to work on. Because parts are shared with the PW80, availability isn’t a problem.

Yamaha Big Wheel BW80 - Right Side

This specific Yamaha Big Wheel is in great shape, with plenty of new parts (air filter, carb, petcock, seat cover, graphics, and grips) and a recently rebuilt motor. Someone’s going to have serious pangs of nostalgia while bidding on this one…

Yamaha Big Wheel BW80 - Front Tire

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Yamaha Big Wheel BW80 - Left Side