1987 Honda Fat Cat 200

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Post Sale Update: This Honda Fat Cat sold for $1,999.

The Honda Fat Cat was a motorcycle made only for two years, similar to the well-known Yamaha TW200. With a 199cc four-stroke engine putting power through a five speed transmission and an automatic clutch, this bike was unique due to its use of two ATV-style tires.

Honda Fat Cat - Front

Honda pulled the engine for the Fat Cat from the ATC200X ATV, and they detuned it. This bike was arguably rushed out as a competitor to the TW200, and this bike wasn’t as developed. The suspension was overworked, and for experienced riders, there was no reason to pick the Honda over its Yamaha competition. The lack of a real clutch made it more difficult to corner, and the chassis design kept it slow around the corners. While it was an excellent entry-level dirt bike, the Fat Cat was targeted way more towards beginners. At the time, you should have picked up the TW200. Now, though – the Fat Cat is much more rare, which is why you find it in front of you right now. Want to learn more? Dirt Bike had a great write-up back in June of 1986, available here.

Honda Fat Cat - Left Side

This specific Honda Fat Cat is being offered by the 2nd owner, who says it runs perfectly. With the exception of the bar pad, this bike is all original. It even comes with the original tires. Unfortunately, the factory decal on the left side has somehow disappeared, so hopefully you can source a New Old Stock example.

Honda Fat Cat - Rear

Find this Honda Fat Cat for sale with an opening bid of $1,999 in Dover, Kentucky

Honda Fat Cat - Right Side