1 of 1000 – 1987 Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21

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8/26 Update: This Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 attracted no bids at $3,800, so it’s been relisted here on eBay at $3,500.

Fans of motorcycle endurance racing or the video game Tourist Trophy for the Playstation 2 may remember the Yamaha Tech 21 team, Yamaha’s factory effort in several races in the late 80s. Probably best known for their performance in the 1985 8 Hours of Suzuka, Yamaha also won Japan’s Motorcycle Road Racing World Championship with a YZR500. To celebrate this win, the company made a limited run of their pocket rocket with an upgraded engine and matching paint – the Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 that you see in front of you now.

Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 - Front

These are incredibly rare bikes, so it’s a treat to see this in such great condition. We had never even heard of one before, and research to determine if these originally came with 50cc or 80cc engines was sadly fruitless. IF there’s anyone out there with some experience with these bikes, we’d love to hear from you.

Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 - Gauges

This specific Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 has had a fully built motor from YSR experts Team Calamari, and it comes with a Fox shock and Douglas wheels.

The owner has uploaded a video to Youtube with a walkaround of the bike with the engine on. Check it out here:

Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 - Left Side

Find this Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $4,400 in Woodstock, Illinois.

Yamaha YSR80 Tech 21 - Right Side

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