1 Year Only – 2008 Suzuki B-King

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Post Sale Update: Despite 17 bids, this Suzuki B-King did not meet reserve at $6,100 on eBay.

The best way to think about the Suzuki B-King is to consider it a naked version of the famous Hayabusa. Sold only for one year in the US, it features the 2nd generation, 1340cc Hayabusa engine that has been retuned for more mid-range torque. When it was unveiled to the world as a prototype, this bike featured a 240 section rear tire and a supercharger! Unfortunately, both of those features were dropped for production.

The original concept bike from 2001

The original concept bike from 2001

The Suzuki B-King is only 10 hp down on the Busa, and it was designed to be the ultimate stoplight dragster. Weighing nearly 600 pounds, it’s simply a muscle bike that will provide incredible acceleration, no matter what gear you’re in. All that said – it’s not a pretty bike. It’s got too much of the “robot alien” look for us, and the original exhausts stuck out laughably far from the back. Thankfully, this bike doesn’t have the latter problem.

Suzuki B-King - Front

This specific Suzuki B-King is being offered by the second owner, who has made some modifications to enhance the touring capabilities of this bike. In addition to being lowered, you’ll get an aftermarket windscreen, full Givi luggage set, and Yoshimura pipe that helps cut down how bad the originals look and presumably sounds nicer. We could do without the lowering, but in general, this bike has had some decent upgrades.

Suzuki B-King - Gauges

Find this Suzuki B-King for sale here on eBay with bidding at $4,600 in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Suzuki B-King - Rear