1970 Ducati 450 Scrambler

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Post-Sale Update: This Ducati 450 Scrambler sold for $6,650.

Two yellow Ducs in a row! The Ducati 450 Scrambler was a popular bike in the 60s and 70s, and was the biggest engine available in the Scrambler line. The 450 model was also known in the US as the Jupiter, and was an Enduro before the term arguably gained popularity. It was capable of dirt roads, paved twisties, and nearly anything you could throw at it.

Ducati 450 Scrambler - Gauges

The Ducati 450 Scrambler produced 30 hp, and had some nice features like an extra gusset on the top tube, wider chains, longer Marzocchi forks, and a Silentium type silencer. An excellent example of one of these bikes sold for $7,955 at the 2012 MTM auction. Half a decade ago, these bikes were relative bargains, but now you can expect to pay up to 5 grand for an unrestored bike, and twice that for something in great shape.

Ducati 450 Scrambler - Rear

This specific Ducati 450 Scrambler is “complete, correct, very original and in good running condition.” Not much more you can ask than for that. Only caution is that this bike is TMU (true mileage unknown), as the original speedo was apparently removed for repair and was lost. Not sure if we believe that, but we’re also not sure it matters with bikes like these.

Ducati 450 Scrambler - Engine

Find this Ducati 450 Scrambler for sale here on eBay for $3,550 in Tarzana, California.

Ducati 450 Scrambler - Right Side