1967 Ducati Monza 250

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8/24 Update: Though the last auction reports the bike was sold at $5,000, it seems this Ducati Monza has been relisted. Find the new auction

The Ducati Monza is the most common of the 250 singles from the Italian manufacturer, though in Ducati’s case, “common” is a relative term. Some Ducatistas thumb their noses as the narrowcase bikes because there wasn’t much to differentiate between models. The square headlight design was somewhat unique, and was only made for the ’67 and ’68 bikes.

Ducati Monza 250 - Rear

Fans of the bike know that these are generally solid bikes, but you need to pay special attention to the electrics, as battery charging can be dubious. Check out an example of a Ducati Monza restoration here on About.com, though the paint job seems like a mistake.

Ducati Monza 250 - Right Side

This specific Ducati Monza is mostly original, incredibly enough. We’re huge fans of it because of the patina, and it strikes the right balance between cosmetically original and mechanically maintained. With that said, the seller makes it clear that the bike isn’t running because the battery has gone flat. The key is to see if the only thing wrong with the bike is actually the battery.

Ducati Monza 250 - Engine

Find this Ducati Monza for sale with bidding currently at $2,500 after an opening bid of 1 cent

Ducati Monza 250 - Tank