Exotic Brit – 1995 CCM 604

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Post Sale Update: After 11 bids on eBay, this CCM 604 did not meet reserve at $2,551.09.

The CCM 604 is one of the very rare models from Clews Competition Motorcycles (CCM). Born out of the failure of BSA’s Competition Department, CCM was founded by Alan Clews and became known for building the only four-stroke MX bikes that could keep up with the two-strokers of the 70s. The closest comparison to make would be that CCM is the British version of ATK – a boutique manufacturer with an emphasis on top-shelf parts and minimum weight.

CCM 604 - Front

While CCm originally sourced engines from BSA (specifically from the Victor), they eventually moved to Rotax motors, as used in this example. In 1984, CCM earned a contract from the British Army to produce dual sports, which were eventually purchased by Harley-Davidson to become the HD MT500. Reaching a peak production of just 3,500 bikes a year in the 90s, CCM’s were hard to find even when new, particularly in the United States. This model was the first in a

CCM 604 - Left Side

This specific CCM 604 is an ex-race bike, built by Up-Tite Racing. The seller claims some provenance that can’t really be confirmed, so we’d take it with a grain of salt. Still, the VIN is impressively low, and it’s got an incredible amount of extras, including carbon fiber air intakes, a custom header and silencer, and top-shelf suspension and braking components from Brembo, Paoli, and White Power. Unfortunately, it’s been treated as a museum piece for at least a decade, and it hasn’t been started in that time. We hate that – but we still think it can be saved. Leave the cosmetics as is, and get the motor into running condition, and you’ll have one heck of a toy that you’re hopefully not too worried about getting dirty.

CCM 604 - Rear

Find this CCM 604 for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $200 in St. George, Utah.

CCM 604 - Right Side