1927 BMW R42

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Post-Listing Update: This R42 did not meet reserve with bidding up to $32,756 on eBay.

Packing a 494cc boxer twin that put out 12 horsepower, the BMW R42 was introduced in 1926, 3 years later after the R32 (the granddaddy of BMW boxers). The R42 got a bigger engine, stronger frame, and better brakes, but it was only sold for 3 years – making it quite a rarity, especially as the model line approaches its’ 90th birthday.

This example (VIN: 13049) sat on the showroom floor of BMW of San Francisco for 30 years, and was then restored by Bench Mark Works 10 years ago. The bike was just serviced at the BMW Classic Center in Munich, and it runs and rides well. The seller is refreshingly detailed about the flaws, which include an oil leak near the magneto, a backwards left grip, control levers that aren’t at the proper location, and more. Considering how old this bike is, these are all minor.

BMW R42 - Left Side

Find this BMW R42 for sale in Kent, Oregon with bidding up to $27,400 and the reserve not yet met

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