1938 Triumph Tiger T90

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Post-Listing Update: Despite 33 bids up to $16,100, this Triumph Tiger T90 did not meet reserve on eBay.

Triumph has been around in various forms since 1885, but it really started to enjoy some success after being acquired in 1936 by the same man who owned Ariel. That year, the company was restructured, it started exporting bikes to the US, and Edward Turner got involved with the legendary marque. The Triumph Tiger T90 was one of his gifts to the world, with sportier engines, chromed fuel tank, and styling cues that would disappear after the war with the bigger brother Tiger 100.

Triumph Tiger T90 - Right Side

The Tiger T90 got a 500cc twin, and to help prove out the bike, Triumph took some examples to compete in the Maudes trophy – an independent competition run by Maudes Motor Mart, an Exeter-based dealership. I highly recommend you check out this link from tiger100 that covers the Maude Trophy and how well Triumph did thanks to bikes like the Tiger 90 (plus it’s got some great vintage ads, which I’m a sucker for).

Triumph Tiger T90 - Engine

This specific Triumph Tiger T90 (VIN: 12553) was previously won at auction in Orlando, Florida. The seller discloses that but also says that he does not know much about the bike’s history, other than that it’s been well restored with correct parts and hardware.

Triumph Tiger T90 - Gauges

Find this Triumph Tiger T90 for sale in Hanson, Massachusetts with bidding up to $10,300 and the reserve not yet met

Triumph Tiger T90 - Left Side

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