1939 Terrot BMA 100

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In 1926, the French manufacturer Terrot introduced the “Bicyclette Moteur Auxiliaire”, or BMA. The model name was directly stolen from French regulations which defined a category of motorized bicycle that had to be less than 100cc, under 30kgs (~66 pounds), have pedals, and top out and less than 30 kph (~19 mph). The benefit of these restrictions for consumers was that they did not need a license or registration to get around.

By 1928, Terrot was France’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, and they had a variety of BMA options. World War II was particularly hard on the company, and their plant was occupied by the Germans in 1940 – they stopped motorcycle production and instead had the factory make generators for Zundapp.

The seller of this example purchased it from a Belgian motorcycle dealership, and he had it on display at the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio. It’s a runner that “isn’t perfect but a very nice example of an 82-year-old motorcycle.” It’s offered on a clean Ohio title.

Find this Terrot for sale in Clinton, Ohio with bidding up to $2,575 here on eBay.

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