1939 Zundapp K800

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Zundapp had tremendous success in the 30s with the K series of bikes, the smallest of which was 200cc, and the largest of which was the Zundapp K800.

Zundapp K800 - Gauges

K stood for Kardanantrieb, German for “Enclosed Driveshaft”. That driveshaft took power from the very interesting looking 797cc boxer four engine that produced 26 horsepower. I think this bike is absolutely gorgeous – and details like the valve covers and exhaust are so unique. For more on the K800, check out this profile from Silodrome.

Zundapp K800 - Left Side

This specific Zundapp K800 (VIN: 183900) was brought to the US in 1990 after it had spent time in a museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Since then, it has spent its time in a collection of German history. Unfortunately, the motor and frame do not match, but I’m not a tremendous stickler for that kind of thing, assuming this bike will finally be put back on the road. Mileage is an indicated 6,931 but the seller notes that it’s impossible to verify that.

Zundapp K800 - Front Right

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