Postie – 2004 Honda CT110

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Post Listing Update: This Postie did not get any attention at the opening bid of $2,200.

The successor to the CT90, the CT110 is clutchless, meaning your left hand is much more free to do other things, like…delivering mail. For years, Australia and New Zealand used these bikes for their postal workers, and the little CT110 has affectionately become known as the “postie”.

Honda CT110 Postie

The 105cc engine produced 7.6 horsepower, but that was fine because the bike weighed just over 200 pounds wet. In addition, it featured a dual range ‘subtransmission’ which could be engaged with a lever that would yield a roughly 2:1 ratio reduction. This enabled easy scaling of steep hills, even with less than 8 horsepower. Postal workers could go anywhere! For example, check out this incredible ride report on ADVRider of someone (who appropriately goes by nathanthepostman) taking his Postie from Sydney, Australia to London, England. Last year, Australia announced that they’re replacing the CT110 with a Super Cub, which comes with incredible technology like fuel injection and an electric start – yes, postman all over the country were using kick starts to get going.

Honda Super Cub Postie


This specific Honda CT110 (VIN: JH2JD01U1XK412458) is an actual surplus Australian Post model with the postal box still attached. The Australian Post typically sold bikes off after 3 years and 25,000 kilometers of use – this one is right in line with 28k on the odometer. The only flaw seems to be a dead battery, but because of that it’s unclear if the lights work. But whatever you do with this bike, don’t try to re-enact this stunt off a homemade ramp, an act which got this postal employee fired:

Find this Honda CT110 for sale in Pendleton, Oregon with an opening bid of $2,200 and a BIN of $3,499

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