1946 Dnepr M-72 with Sidecar

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Post Listing Update: This hack was pulled off of eBay because of “an error in the listing.”

A Russian-made military bike, the “Dnepr” M-72 was used by the Red Army and was built to be a copy of the BMW R71.

Dnepr M-72 with Sidecar - Front Left

The 750cc engine had to push around 770 pounds worth of bike and sidecar – this was not a fast vehicle. M-72s were built between ’42 and ’55 – and it should be noted that the Dnepr name is not technically correct – Dnepr was established after the M-72 had stopped production. It’s just become a colloquial term. At the time of production, this was simply made by the government of the Soviet Union – models built in Irbit was considered “IMZ” bikes and bikes made in Kiev were “KMZ”.

Dnepr M-72 with Sidecar - Rear

This specific Dnepr M-72 was acquired by a previous owner in ’46 with just zero kilometers – it still only has 872 on it. The seller has documentation which apparently proves that it was purchased by the US Government, and then sold at an auction in Germany. It was then acquired and sold by a company that buys and restores vintage bikes, and they replaced the electrical system to make it more modern. The company also eschewed the military look and turned it into a BMW replica.

Dnepr M-72 with Sidecar - Front Right

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