1 of 350 in Canada – 2005 Vespa PX150 Serie Canada

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While most scooters nowadays are “twist and go” affairs with automatic transmission, the Vespa PX model line from 1977-2017 with two simple constants: a 2-stroke motor and 4-speed manual transmission with a grip shift. The PX150 was reborn in 1998 with a 10 year production run, and in 2005 Vespa made a few special editions by changing up paint colors. Canada got the imaginatively named “Serie Canada”, of which 350 scoots were built. Vespa also made 5oo examples of a “Serie America”, which were basically the same bike but in a light green. Because the 2-stroke motor did not meet Caliornia’s emissions regulations, it was a 49-state bike.

The 2005 PX150 made just under 10 horsepower, good enough for a top speed of 55 miles per hour. In a way, it’s just another example of the retro craze that seems to have taken over – modern production, classic style. In this case, it’s classic tech as well. For more information, check out this review from Top Gear Philippines.

This potential collectible has less than 18 miles on the odometer, and it’s number 26 of the 350 Serie Canada scooters. Find this Canadian Vespa for sale in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada for $5,000 here on Kijiji.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Larry G!

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