1966 Bridgestone Hurricane

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Post Sale Update: this Hurricane sold for $3,300 after 8 bids on eBay

One of the many high quality (and somewhat pricey) small displacement bikes from a company we now only associate with tires, the Bridgestone Hurricane 175 was a scrambler variant of their baby sportbike “Dual Twin”.

The Hurricane featured expensive rotary valves, fully-enclosed carbs, the first oil mixing system that Bridgestone used, and a “Sport-Shift” lever, a lever on the left side of the transmission that enabled a manual overdrive function enabling a top speed bump from 65 to about 80-85 miles per hour. The 177cc engine produced 20 horsepower and the bike weighed 271 pounds. Fun fact of the day: at 25 miles per hour, the Hurricane could return approximately 130 miles per gallon! For more on the Hurricane, check out this “Memorable Motorcycle” piece from Motorcycle-USA.

This example (VIN: TA1-17334) has 2,100 miles, seemingly none of which were covered after a “complete restoration” was performed four years ago. After the work was completed, the fuel was drained and it’s been sitting since. The seller says that it’s in great shape with over $3,000 in chrome work alone, but he notes minor flaws such as small dents in the right pipe that were not pulled before the rechroming. No title – bill of sale only.

Find this Hurricane for sale in Bentonville, Arkansas with bidding up to $2,225 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $4,000

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