1948 BSA YB34

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I’ve never heard of this bike before, but the seller claims it’s a rare competition version of BSA’s 500cc single. This bike exposes my lack of BSA knowledge – I’m familiar with the ’48 YB32 Gold Star, and the ZB34 Gold Star which came about a year later – but a YB34 is not something I know anything about. Quick internet searches didn’t turn up anything either, so I’m hoping I can turn to the commentariat for some help…

BSA YB34 - Front Left

If you take the seller at face value, this was a sport model that was restored in Australia, then shipped to Texas in 2003. It’s also claimed that this bike came stock with a high exhaust, extra chrome, bronze ‘sports’ carb, and no side stand. I apologize for not having more details, but it is definitely a lovely motorcycle. Find this BSA YB34 for sale in Austin, Texas with bidding up to $5,450

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